Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education Government of India

National Workshop on Recent Advances in Statistical Methods and

Applications in Forestry and Environmental Sciences 2018

May 23-25, 2018

Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementation Government of India


The knowledge of statistical methods is essential for the researchers of forestry and environmental sciences, right from the planning of the experiments or sample surveys to collection of data, their analysis and interpretation. This helps in drawing valid and reliable inferences of specified objective under procedurally and economically optimized way. In recent years, there has been phenomenal upsurge of knowledge, advancement of technologies and development of user friendly software for improving valuable results in research. However, either due to lack of number of statisticians or the lack of background knowledge about Statistics the researchers are, perhaps, not aware much about the new advancements in the theory as well as applications of the multidisciplinary areas of Statistics. This results in weak interpretation and valid inference about the results of the experiments. This multidisciplinary areas of Statistics may comprise forest biometry for the development and application of statistical methods to assess, estimate, and evaluate biological characteristic and process of forests, sampling techniques for estimating the important parameters of the abundance of one or more forest resources, design of experiments in order to gain a better understanding of trees, stand, and forest responses and minimized the biasness and experimental errors, multivariate analysis for finding and interpreting the analysis pertaining to correlation, behavior etc of two or more variable altogether. Thus, there is a need to familiarize with the recent developments in these fields along with the knowledge of soft computing and associated procedures to ensure their proper applications. The present workshop will motivate us in using new technologies pertaining to Statistics in forestry and environment sectors. Recently developed softwares like R, Matlab, Statistica, Mathematica etc. etc. in analyzing the collected data in the most efficient way shall also the part of the workshop.

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